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Reports and musings from a seminarian at General Theological Seminary, New York City.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Living with Stress

This has been a tough week for the Junior (1st year) MDiv students at General. We had two papers and a midterm - the most work we've had in a week (outside of finals, of course).

This pressure has been difficult for many of my classmates. There has been a lot of talk about all of these assignments, and this talk has raised the level of stress. We can talk ourselves into a frenzy.

But I have been relatively calm. I think I have more perspective on it all than some of my classmates. It is easy to think that our performance and our grades are of utmost importance – but they’re not. The most important thing is our formation – that we become the best we can be in order to serve the Church. I reminded classmates that our GPA is not what will get us ordained or get us jobs.

I think that we always need to remind each other not to allow the stress to rule our lives. We are good folks who are already and will be even greater gifts to the Church. That’s what matters.

And we made it through! That means we can do it. I think that is important to remember.


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