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Friday, March 02, 2007


Tonight I went with some fellow students to a church in Jersey City, NJ to a showing of the 1996 movie "Infinity." Matthew Broderick directed and starred in the movie, which also featured Patricia Arquette.

What made this worthy of a train trip across the Hudson was that Mr. Broderick was there - his sister is the rector of the parish. He endured a question and answer session after the movie, which was fun.

The movie is the story of a scientist who assisted in the creation of the atomic bomb, but it was primarily the story of his first love. It was interesting to contrast the beauty of young love with the ugly prospect of the A-bomb. Of course, the scientist loved math and science, and found beauty in what he was doing - but as we watch, we know what the end result was.

Likewise, his fiance, then wife, is dying with TB. They have a beautiful relationship that is lived out in the shadow of her impending death. So it is all about love and loss.

Ultimately, I don't think it was a great movie - and I suppose that the market bore this out, since most of us had never heard of it. This movie is especially treasured by the Brodericks because their mother wrote the script. I think it was as a tribute to their mom that Mr. Broderick was willing to come out on a Friday night, sit in a church nave and be asked inane questions like, "When you were growing up, were you like Ferris [Bueller]?"

There was a very nice moment in the questioning when the two siblings were asked about their childhood relationship. Their affection for each other was clear, and it was touching. Maybe that was the highlight of the evening. (That, and the GREAT soup they served - a Tex-Mex type soup - I am trying to get the recipe, and will pass it along if I do!)

Tomorrow I am making a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to look at early Christian art for my Church History class. It is always wonderful to visit this venerable institution - I know that, as with every trip I make there, I will see wonderful and unexpected things. Oh boy!


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